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Thetica Systems + Your Business Logic = Your Edge

Our formula represents a simple concept: No two clients are alike, nor do they have the same business approach. We deliver complete solutions to rapidly price, analyze, research, and compare ABS, CLO, RMBS, and CMBS bonds, with the precise look and functions you need. Your business is unique, so why settle for a generic system when you can have a fully customized suite of products?

Our approach lets you focus on your business logic and let us do the rest.  Whether you need to dive deep into the asset composition of your portfolio, analyze lists of bonds, price an incoming bid list rapidly and see comparable bonds on the fly for active trading, or just spend less time copy/pasting with other software, we can automate and customize exactly what you need with speed and accuracy.

You want your own edge and that’s what we do. We rapidly customize our products to your precise specifications and desires. We can integrate your data, your scenarios, and your way of looking at things.

Some examples of recent customization for different clients:

  • CLOs: view collateral manager performance metrics; calculate exposure by industry; focus on equity tranches with specific customized metrics
  • CMBS: look extensively at individual assets; gain insight into cash flow events; easily research specific information on underlying properties and loans
  • RMBS: set up their “dream” output; put together a one-pager with multiple scenario results, including price/yield results with historical and effective CDR, CPR and other assumptions, all bucketed the way they want, and that pops up with a single click
  • Student Loans: full handling of student loans scenario overrides; set up specific tweaks such as status shifts on a Cusip/Deal/portfolio level; set all “Auction Failure” toggles to fail; fully automate student loan calculation jobs

Want to build it yourself in a fraction of the time? We provide infrastructure (pre-configured database servers) and software building blocks that can be used to quickly set up a highly customized solution for sophisticated clients.  

Host our infrastructure where you need it.  One client may host our infrastructure on their own datacenter in a dedicated server environment.   They can then request customization of that standard version.  Another may host it on our secure cloud environment using their dedicated servers.  We also offer an economical alternative with access via a fully customizable web interface, all fully segregated by licensed datasets and permissioned access.

You could be saving time, money, and frustration right now. Let’s talk about ways we can help you achieve your business edge. Email now for a WebEx demonstration of the system in action using the bond types you deal with.

About Thetica Systems

The word “Thetica” was created from the Greek letter “theta,” representing thought or reason, and “etica,” representing ethics.  Thought, reason and ethics are essential elements of any successful business and our commitment to this concept is embedded in the company’s name.

The company integrates client-licensed data from Intex, Lewtan/ABS.Net, and Bloomberg via the Backoffice data feed; loan level data from CoreLogic Loan Performance, BlackBoxLogic, Lewtan/ABS.Net, and Trepp; pricing data for CLO NAV from Lewtan/ABS.Net, Markit, and Reuters; credit ratings from Equifax and Transunion; HPI from CoreLogic, FHFA, Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller, and DataQuick; color from SCI PriceABS; and industry standard pricing from Interactive Data Corporation. Vectors and credit models can be integrated from clients’ choice of third party vendors such as Five Bridges Advisors or CoreLogic, or from internal models, workbooks, and databases.

Clients include investment banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, capital management, brokers, dealers, and others that invest in or monitor structured finance securities, with users from traders and trading desks, project managers, research and product controllers to risk managers, regulatory reporting and IT.