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Thetica Trader Tools

Thetica Trader Tools is a proprietary high-performance suite of powerful tools (now available as a web interface or from Excel) providing ABS, RMBS, CMBS, REREMIC, and CLO professionals with a competitive edge through fast and efficient access to market information as well as smart and automated cashflows analytics.  Our system integrates with scenario models such as those built by clients themselves in Excel and can be easily and fully customized to client’s unique needs.

Thetica Trader Tools includes a highspeed cloud-based bond analytics engine where many bonds can be run at the same time using any scenarios that can be created with IntexCalc®.  Our engine automates many scenarios that would otherwise require building custom programs at great expense. Our clients can run the whole universe of bonds in minutes and let users search and explore the results. All cashflows and price/yield results are stored in the database where it is all easily queried and analyzed.

Built upon a centralized, structured securities database, Thetica Trader Tools is specifically tailored and optimized to your data needs and access requirements. Modules can be integrated with the additional data you receive from other data providers, giving you an efficient central reference platform in an easy to customize front end.

Thetica Analytics Cloud Engine

At the back of our system we have a powerful bond analytics engine that is flexible enough to meet the growing demands of your trading desk.  It easily automates much of the manual labor that traders normally have to slog through. Our ‘smart scenario language’ allows traders to quickly run complex scenarios on many bonds simultaneously with unparalleled speed and efficiency. As Intex partners, we are able to match your results perfectly with the figures you get from Intex.

Thetica Explorer

Do you need to quickly locate bonds based on client requests?  Our screener is fully customizable and can list bonds based on any search criteria you need. Do you want to quickly have access to bond data summaries, charts, tear-sheets, one-pager reports? Thetica Explorer permits the user to rapidly analyze and compare lists of ABS, RMBS, CMBS, and CLO bonds.

This web-based system processes information from licensed data vendors into a central database. The exact configuration of these components depends on which data any given client has licensed. The basic package includes loading all Intex data, after which additional modules can be integrated into the system to add data from sources such as CoreLogic (LP data), Reuters, Markit, Bloomberg, or BlackBox Logic (see links to our data partners here). This easily customized tool is tailored to client’s specific needs including integration with any existing database or process.

Automated Calculation Jobs

Custom lists of bonds, and even the entire universe of bonds, can be made to run overnight at specified schedules.  Users can easily and quickly analyze the results during the day when needed from Thetica Explorer.  You can also use results from automated jobs in our screener tool.

Combining results sets from automated jobs with our existing database enables our clients to get their hands directly on the information about bonds of interest than ever achieved previously.