New York, NY October 20, 2016

Opal 2016 CLO Conference Features Custom Solutions from Thetica Systems

Thetica Systems recently demonstrated its custom solutions for institutional investors at the Opal 2016 CLO Conference in Monaco. Interested attendees received hands-on demonstrations of the system which includes all of the building blocks needed to price, compare, and analyze bonds.

The company’s systems are customized to individual client specifications, integrating not only their data and scenarios but also their unique business approaches.

CEO Ariel Yankilevich states, “Our system gives each client access to a unique and fully confidential system where they can literally automate any scenario they can dream of.” Benefits provided include:

• BWIC parsing
• Collateral manager measurements, comparisons, and rankings
• Integration with European mappings
• Custom reporting
• Model transparency
• Access to exclusive functions

In addition to customization for the CLO market, Thetica Systems also provides similar modules with integration with RMBS vector forecast scenarios, CMBS loan level models and surveillance, and student loan/ABS.

The platform offers high-speed analytics capable of running any number of bonds simultaneously under various scenarios, fully customizable for precise forecasting and analysis, utilizing a wide range of data sources and client or third-party credit and default predictions, with full automation of reporting, calculation jobs, and other lengthy manual processes.

About Thetica Systems, Inc.: Thetica Systems provides an eco-system platform which brings together the data vendors, business users, and creativity needed to rapidly price, analyze, and compare CLO, ABS, RMBS, and CMBS bonds. Its flexible infrastructure gives each client a fully customized platform with the exact appearance, reports, views, and access levels they need, and its dynamic nature enables clients to quickly shift analytics focus between sectors to take advantage of market opportunities.

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