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Introducing Thetica Systems

We’re data integration and infrastructure specialists who make life easier for institutional investors in ABS, CLO, RMBS, and CMBS bonds by enabling them to:

Rapidly load and process the huge amounts of data required to analyze all types of asset-backed securities

Run bonds, portfolios, or the whole universe through very customized cashflows scenarios

Integrate with clients’ own vectors or any vector provider of choice

We provide:
A proven and fully functional set of infrastructure components to run high-speed analytics on custom cashflows

Full transparency on your ABS, CLO, CDO, CMBS, and RMBS bonds

Streamlined and effective integration between your licensed data providers and our fast, highly efficient infrastructure; we implement and maintain the ongoing connections with your licensed data vendors

Cloud-based web access for rapid implementation, ease of customization, and flexibility

How We Make Your Life Easier

Easily integrate bond analytics models with all the necessary data sources and cashflow APIs to price bond portfolios rapidly

Gain ROI immediately; no delays waiting for external vendors or clearance from IT

No more waiting for data for analysis and critical decisions; ease in distributing data and results to a broad range of users

Automate and improve your bidding or research processes with integrated data available in a fraction of the time

Eliminate manual work to pull in data and set up analytics calculations

Greatly enhance the return from your investment in market data licenses

Why Clients Choose Us

Great value:  You’ll be surprised at the affordability of this system

Fully customizable tools: This means we can make this platform do for you whatever you need and want it to do – we can integrate with your own vectors and environments; our simple API is open to clients who wish to automate calculation jobs; and easy access to our modules through the web interface permits a level of customization not offered by any other vendor in this market

Flexibility: We integrate essential data from more sources, including your internal sources, more flexibly than any other provider; we can add on any data set you need

Good fit for a broad range of clients:  Our clients include broker-dealers, hedge funds, capital management , insurance companies, and others that invest in or monitor structured finance securities

Some Cool Things Our Clients Can Do

Easily explore and cover the universe of securitized products without needing to subscribe to expensive additional tools

Rapidly automate and produce numbers on anything that the trading desk is currently running manually

From a very user-friendly interface, use simple or complex scenarios to produce cashflows and price/yield calculations very quickly

Use both third party models and internally built scenario prediction models; change cashflow engines or combine more than one with ease

Add in custom feeds of bid list information, position information, etc. and make results available immediately to licensed users

Access up-to-date raw market data, smart aggregates, reports and views needed by traders, sales people, research personnel, financial controllers, risk/regulatory reporting staff, and other downstream systems where needed

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Here’s how to get started:

Contact us at Sales@Thetica.com to schedule a Webex demo of the system by our technical staff

Check out the product detail and descriptions here

We’ll send a customized proposal after the demo and discussion of your needs

Licensed products are hosted in the cloud for maximum efficiency, or in your data center if desired

Costs are based on the modules needed, number of users, your choice of delivery systems, and your exact needs

Who's Who at Thetica Systems


Ariel Yankilevich
President and CEO; Co-Founder

Ariel is the main architect and designer for Thetica Systems. He combines twenty years of hands-on experience in software architecture and programming with a background in electronics and mathematics.

Ariel has worked in this field for well over a decade, delivering top quality software solutions to top Wall Street institutions. He has strong knowledge of structured products and is expert in working with the Intex API.

Early in his career as an Israeli Naval officer, he ran their personal computing department and was in charge of the procurement and introduction of new pc technologies for the Israeli Navy’s computer center.

More recently he has designed and programmed complex analytics, trade capturing and processing systems for the ABS/CDO/CMBS markets and has extensive knowledge and experience with Intex data, Bloomberg, LP, ABS.NET, Trepp, and more. He is expert at C#, ASP.NET, VB, XML, SQL, etc.

Ben Ranson
Senior Developer

Ben is a specialist in web development technologies and user experience and design, and brings these skills to bear in converting the needs of Thetica Systems users into reality. After studying his degree in Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Bristol, England, he spent several years as a consulting engineer in the water industry before transitioning into IT. Ben has since worked on numerous projects as a software developer, from flight data systems, automotive, and computer hardware configuration to insurance and financial markets.

Greer Pasco
Chief Administrative Officer

Greer has over 30 years of experience in administration, strategic analysis and execution, and board/regulatory relations. She has previously served in executive capacities in the wholesale financial institution, software and non-profit industries.

Diti Yankilevich

Diti attended the University of Haifa where she majored in Human Services. She then worked in the import business for a top Israeli company. Here in the US, she handled the finances for a NJ based technology company before joining Thetica Systems as CFO.


John Schaffner
Director of Production

John joined the Thetica team in 2009 and was made Head of Production in 2010. He has focused intensely on expanding Thetica’s product offerings by working intimately with our clients to build out and enhance the RMBS, CLO, and CMBS platforms into a variety of flavors and specific areas of focus.

After graduating from Stanford University with a degree in Physics, John did further graduate studies in Signal Processing, Optics and Robotics. His early career was in the aerospace industry, working on F-16 and C-5 avionics. Once in New York City, John worked for several Wall Street firms. His experience crosses VAR, Realtime Data Processing and Enterprise Trading Systems.

Ed McCloskey
Head of Back Office Production

Most of Ed’s 30 years were spent helping financial companies develop workable computer solutions. His financial tech experience spans many years at such companies as Barclays, Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns and Citicorp. Ed earned an MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from University of Delaware and an MBA from University of Kentucky.

Shai Kessel
Senior Engineer

Shai is a seasoned Business Analyst and Software Developer with nearly a decade in the finance, mortgage, capital markets and fixed income domains, working directly with senior traders and business analysts in Agency and Non-Agency MBS trading desks. He has built user-facing applications and provided support for multiple end users across the globe, including senior management, traders, analysts, and financial control and research functions. He holds a bachelor’s degree in software engineering and is a captain in the Israeli air force (reserve).

Grace Parrish
Business Development Manager

Grace’s professional background includes more than a decade of experience in marketing and publishing. Prior to joining Thetica Systems, she headed the advertising production division for an SaaS provider to a major American industry and earlier managed delivery of B2B magazines and email advertising for a publishing company serving insurance and financial markets.